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Josephine Wall

Wistful Jo

Josephine Wall is a British artist who is best described as the 'Artist of the Imagination' as her amazingly intricate, multi-dimensional works are a combination of fantasy and surrealism. Her enchantingly beautiful pictures are full of light, colour and often deeper meanings. I believe they are truly consciousness raising.

Many years ago I bought a small foil picture entitled 'The Crystal of Enchantment' (below).crystal of enchantment I found it so magical that I started searching for more information about its artist, Josephine Wall. As there were so few of her products in Australia this was not an easy task. By constantly searching, I managed to find some of her artworks in the form of jigsaw puzzles and a small calendar. By re-creating her art as puzzles and mounting them, I was able to display some of Josephine's work in our home. I have found over the years that working on jigsaw puzzles and being able to steadily create something of such beauty, piece by piece, has taught me valuable life lessons. It is my belief that these amazing works of art not only keep us in touch with the world of myth, fantasy and imagination, but they also remind us of the magical, enlightened, harmonious world we often dream about.

I was able to discover more about this gifted artist once we connected to the internet as this allowed me to view the increasing collection of her magnificent artworks and art products.

An incredible 'gift of fate' came our way when we received an offer from Charles and Dana Kovar, the owners of Josephine Wall's first gallery in the USA (Wallbound Fine Arts), to become the distributors of Josephine's products in Australia. For four years we had the privilege of working with this lovely couple who mentored us and became respected long-distance friends.

In 2008 Josephine decided to consolidate her retail outlets and establish a single world-wide operation under the directorship of Dr Pat Sager-Lane. Fortunately this dynamic lady agreed to allow me to continue to do my small part here in Australasia. I am ever grateful for this opportunity, and for the visit she made to us here in Australia with her husband in 2011, so we could consolidate not only our business partnership, but our strong friendship, based on many like-minded interests.

Anyone who has already made contact with Josephine Wall's artworks needs no further explanations, however if you seek more enticements, or want to view the full range of products, please visit Josephine's site or the worldwide retailer's site at Josephine Wall Spirit of Imagination Art.

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