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derived from her original artwork


Josephine Wall Books


Palette of Dreams - Josephine Wall Biography

This biography of Josephine Wall, the "Premier Spirit of Imagination Artist", describes the who, what, where and how of the creation of her artworks. The book includes personal stories of family members often used in her paintings, personal photographs and 50 of her most popular images. Welcome to the magical world of Josephine's fairies, wizards, goddesses, angels and nature spirits! Size 22cm x 15cm. Price - $35.




Gothic Dreams

Celestial Art (Gothic Dreams) hardcover book by Joseph Simas

This is a new book, published in 2015. Enter the enchanting world created by artist Josephine Wall, populated by fairies, wizards, goddesses, angels and nature spirits. Enjoy and discover some of her most beautiful artworks, alongside engaging text that discusses the life and work of Josephine, as well as taking a wider look at the art and artists that have influenced her. 164 pages Size 22cm x 24cm. Price - $30.





human sunshine

Be the Human Sunshine by Clare Bostock

This journal offers readers the chance to write their own book. Used as a written vision board, notes, jottings and pictures can be added, assisting both emotionally and spiritually to mend relationships and achieve dreams and goals. Full of beautiful illustrations and thought-provoking questions, it provides inspiration and motivation to open readers' hearts to change, celebrate joy in life and be glad for all they have experienced, knowing that the best is yet to come.
Size 13cm x 20cm.Price - $25








Notebooks/Journals ($20.00 each)

These notebooks combine high-quality production with magnificent fine art. The covers are printed on foil in five colours which are embossed then foil stamped. They are also practical with a pocket at the back for receipts and notes, two bookmarks and a solid magnetic side flap.These are perfect for personal use and make a dazzling gift.

This example features Josephine Wall's painting Daughter of the Deep. 176 pages Size: 16 x 22cm






Joie de Vivre

This example features Josephine Wall's painting Joie de Vivre.